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“Mass Ring Destroyer” Design

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The “Mass ring Destroyer” is created for a Serbian IT Security Company , regarding to their ideas.

Their task is to destroy virtual machines called “Rings” , and what they have wanted is a post apocalyptic, dark, doomsday design, combined together with those rings and other IT things.

As what came down from their mail is that those guys are a great team, working together like an orchestra or a band. Combining together with the stuff listed above, it sounded to me like a Metal band . That was the main  part that I have used to lead to the design, combined with some humorous and nerdy elements.
In the middle you can see a Baphomet (satanic idol) / goat headed Devil like creature standing in the middle of a pentagram, dressed up as a stereotypical geek , summoned / transformed into at full moon, smashing a monitor and a keyboard.  The environment is a metropolitan graveyard, showing contrast of the dead (computers/virtual machines) and the modern civilization (IT, technology), and of course at night to be more spooky.
I have added 2 texts  – 1 at the top 1 at the bottom. The top one is the first sentence that the guys gave me the “Mass Ring Destroyer”, which would be a great band name, in Black Metal – Death Metal style, as I have mentioned. In the middle and the back I have putted the icon of those rings and a pentagram around it because under the character it isn’t that visible, and it gives more darker vibe to the image. The bottom text is the imaginary album name, which was also given by the team.
The purpose of the image is to be printed. It could be a T-shirt (like those band t-shirts with logos on their back), or a Poster. It could fit both ideas very well.


Branko Kokanovic



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